Taxi Halifax Airport

Halifax Airport Taxi


How to meet you at Airport?

Please follow this instructions:

  1. Get your Luggage, then
  2. Go to Ground Transportation desk GTI, see attached picture,
  3. Ask for Taxi Halifax Airport Then GTI officer direct you to Prearranged area, see the attached picture,
  4. Prearranged area located at the second revolve door crossing the Starbucks coffee, then.
  5. In 2 minutes Your Driver will meet you at prearranged area sign.
Taxi Halifax Airport Taxi

1- Get your Luggage

Taxi Halifax Airport Taxi

2- Go to Ground Transportation desk and ask for (Taxi Halifax Airport)

Taxi Halifax Airport Taxi

3-Meet your Driver at prearranged area

Taxi Halifax Airport Taxi

4- Taxi Halifax Airport Car waiting for you

Online Reservation (From the Airport)

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Taxi Halifax Airport

Halifax Airport Limo and Taxi Service